exhaust systems

Exhaust Gases Systems and their components

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All the production offered by our company is being made of high quality materials and with the help of Hi-Tech equipment.

Our products


Three-layer Corrugation “Vibration Compensator”

3-layer Corrugation “Vibration Compensator” is made of stainless braid Corrugation as many other things in…

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Resonators of Reduced Resistance” Stronger”

Resonator of Reduced Resistance is one of the main components of exhaust system. Some people…

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Welded Thin-walled Pipes

Welded thin-walled pipes with the diameter from 32 mm to 100 mm. The wall’s thickness…

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Repair Barrel

It is also called “assembler”. Financial crisis couldn’t have left car building industry untouched. More…

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Bent Pipes, Flanges

JWB company offers thin-walled pipes bent on our own equipment with various diameters of angles…

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Latest news

International Exhibition of 2015 MIMS Automechanika Moscow

JWB Company participated in the 19th International Exhibition of 2015 MIMS Automechanika Moscow

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Company JWB

Among all spare parts of the car exhaust systems are one of the main consumable materials. As a rule, they should be changed once in several years. The recent economic crisis had its consequences on…

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